Garlic Stinks?

It’s pretty obvious what’s wrong with eating meat – you have to kill other living beings to get it. But its not so obvious why some other foods are forbidden on the plates of yogis.

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On Advertising

"I love advertising because I love lying."

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Captain of the Ship

“We think that we have met your goodness by the will of providence, just so that we may accept you as captain of the ship for those who desire to cross the difficult ocean of the age of Kali, which d..

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    Monday, Feb 15, 2016
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    Hema Malini

    Actress, Bollywood

    I would like to thank personally all those devotees of ISKCON Nepal for helping the victims of earthquake in Nepal.

    Jim Carrey

    Actor Hollywood

    ISKCON has 650 temples around the world. I would like to reccommend you to visit there. It's awsome experience.

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